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The Eagle-Eternal Escort

The Eagle-Eternal Escort

It wasn't until a few years ago that we fully understood the pattern of

Indian artifacts and Stone Birds,

especially the small ones, on platform burial and 'in the ground'

burial sites in West Michigan.

Back in 1979, as you can see in a preliminary report published by the Epigraphic Society Occasional Publications-ESOP- we had no idea

that the SDM Site was Paleo, only that we were on to something OLD.

ESOP Report ---------------->

Line Drawings by Kevin R Moore

After many years of research,

Edward R. Moore completed a manuscript and position papers

shortly before his death in 1995.

He discussed how this ancient

Bird Icon, Platform and Tree burials evolved into the 'Tree of Life', the Megalithic Standing Stones, Dolmens, and timeless architectural themes repeated throughout the 'Civilized World'.

The original unedited manuscript titled "The Eagle/Eternal Escort" and his position papers on ancient place names and language development will be available later in 2010.

All text and images copyright 2010

except ESOP letterhead, U of M photo and Smithonian photo.

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